Heritage tour

The heritage tour of the town of Caraquet is the culmination of a project conceived in relation to the designation of Caraquet as a Cultural Capital of Canada in 2009 as well as participation in the New Brunswick Local Heritage Places Program.
This tour provides an overview of 21 of the most important places of heritage value in Caraquet, which have been designated Local Historic Places and added to the New Brunswick Register of Heritage Places.
These places include buildings both large and small, a number of ruins, structures commemorating important events, and sites of historical importance to the local economy. Some places are associated with individuals who contributed to the advancement of our society. All of the places are important in their way and teach us about who we are and where we have come from. They demonstrate our heritage and our cultural diversity.
The objective of this project is to preserve the memory and tell the stories of the people who worked tirelessly to build our community. Showcasing and celebrating these heritage sites also helps to raise public awareness about the importance of preserving our heritage.
Thanks to the great wealth of built heritage in Caraquet, any number of other places could have been added to this tour. In the end, places were selected based on specific criteria, including originality, architectural features, historical documentary value, the importance of the building’s occupants and, in some cases, the availability of information.
We hope that the stories shared by these places – stories about buildings and individuals that help us to understand our roots and the lives of a determined people committed to preserving the Acadian culture – will interest visitors seeking to learn more about our community and serve as a source of pride for the citizens of Caraquet.

690, Saint-Pierre Boulevard West

2-  Dugas Store

675, Saint-Pierre Boulevard West

3-  Ste-Anne-Du-Bocage Chapel

579, Saint-Pierre Boulevard West

4- Landry Mill Site

Chaussée Street

5-  Léopold Foulem House

325, Savoie Street

6-  Martin J. Légère House

312, Saint-Pierre Boulevard West

7-  Théotime Blanchard House

279, Saint-Pierre Boulevard West

8-  La Petite École

276, Saint-Pierre Boulevard West

9-  Former Head Office of The Fédération des Caisses Populaires

221, Saint-Pierre Boulevard West


10- CND Covent

11-  College

220, Saint-Pierre Boulevarde West

12-  Église St-Pierre-Aux-Liens

215, Saint-Pierre Boulevard West

13-  Fruing & Co. House

207, Saint-Pierre Boulevard West

14- Hôtel Paulin

143, Saint-Pierre Boulevard West

15- Fitspatrick Tannery

126, Saint-Pierre Boulevard West

16- Hommage aux patriotes monument

Patriotes Street

17- Captain Polycarpe Albert House

26, Robins Street

18- Robin Site

9, Saint-Pierre Boulevard East

19-  Caraquet Wharf

Quai Street

20- Protestant Church

21- Jean-Baptiste Chenard House

96, Saint-Pierre Boulevard East