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Named Cultural Capital of Canada in 2003 and 2009, the town of Caraquet cherish a traditional culture that has adapted by reaching out to new generations. This culture is enlightening and innovative, it's an artistic mix that cradles the stories of yesterday and creates the memories of tomorrow. The importance of its historic heritage and the impressive number of arts and culture organizations and events operating in the region make Caraquet a must-see destination for all those who want to bathe and be carried away by Acadian culture. Over the years, the Town of Caraquet has developed major cultural infrastructures such as the Centre culturel, which houses the Galerie Bernard-Jean and a theater, the Carrefour de la Mer and the movie theatre. In the town of Caraquet, there are about thirty cultural organizations, as well as all other sectors of activity, that can benefit from it.

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Festival acadien de Caraquet - 5 au 15 août 2024

Festival acadien de Caraquet - 5 au 15 août 2024
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Festival acadien de Caraquet

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Festival d'humour RIEN.

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Festival des arts visuels en Atlantique

Le congé de mars

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Artistic and Cultural Sector

If the town of Caraquet is the cradle of culture by being the springboard for emerging artists and the fertile ground of professional artists, it is thanks to the infrastructure it has built over the years. The Carrefour de la mer is a recreational and tourist establishment that has an indoor theater and an outdoor stage. Every year, for more than 22 years, the Festival des arts visuels en Atlantique, as well as several Festival acadien shows, are produced there. The place continues to be enhanced with shops, a café, a terrace bar, restaurants, an outdoor playground for children, a walking path to the sea and superb amenities for pleasure boaters. Just behind the Carrefour is now a walkway named Le Quai des artistes that has six small shacks on stilt where artists exhibit during the summer period. It is truly a must for anyone visiting Caraquet. Just a step from the Carrefour is the Quai de Caraquet and its restaurants that will serve you the best seafood in town!

For book launches, press conferences, banquets, and shows, the Centre culturel is also a special place where diversity and creativity reign, and where are located various organizations. Also in the Centre culturel is the Galerie Bernard-Jean that welcomes professional artists and artists who finish artistic residencies in the region to present their works.

Right next to the Centre culturel is the Cinema du centre which has a rich programming and who really promotes French culture. In parallel with large-scale films, Ciné+ presents films from various cultures and French-speaking regions around the world. With a friendly staff, screenings for all ages and tastes, and that aim to educate, raise awareness, and promote culture, Cinema du centre is a very busy and constantly innovating place.

Sports and Recreation Sector

The City of Caraquet has a full range of sports and recreational facilities. The arena is located in the heart of the city and just behind is the athletics track that hosted the Jeux de l'Acadie in 2016. In addition to an indoor pool and a gym that offers courses and training programs, the city has a treasure in the heart of the forest for those who enjoy outdoor sports. With its ski and snowshoe trails, skating rinks, four-season cycling and hiking trails as well as its family calendar, the Club plein air is worth the trip by offering the opportunity to nature to be seen under its most beautiful angles.

Throughout the city is a 90 km bike path, where you can have scenic views of the sea and from where you will also see the village of Maisonnette and wooded areas. In the winter, some sections of the trail are part of the snowmobile trails. Whether you play golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, handball, bowling, bingo or pool, you'll be able to practice your activities. For those who want to improve in the martial arts or horseback riding, this is also a possibility that is available to you.

Several organizations work to support various sports such as hockey, figure skating, speed skating, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, scuba diving, tennis, hunting, and fishing.